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 Dead Space 3 Gets Huge Info Leak

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PostSubject: Dead Space 3 Gets Huge Info Leak   May 9th 2012, 8:10 pm

More rumours regarding Dead Space 3 have surfaced, following confirmation from EA that the game will hit in this financial year. The rumours seem to support previous reports regarding setting and characters, while also offering up some intriguing suggestions about story, combat, enemies and co-op.

The latter of these is paramount, as sources are saying that the game’s main campaign will support drop-in co-operative play. Apparently, following a crash, Isaac and his companion will explore the environment, solving puzzles, sharing weapons and ammo, and healing each other.

The presence of a co-op companion ties in with previous reports that Dead Space 3 will see Issac’s mental state deteriorating even further by developing an imaginary alter-ego.

Beyond that, it is claimed that Isaac will be able to crouch, roll and take cover, in a clear nod to Gears of War and another significant step towards more action-oriented gameplay. In addition to this, all the weapons will feature new alt fire modes. The Plasma Cutter will have Force Gun-esque knockback effect on secondary fire, while the Pulse Rifle will fire saw-blades.

Variations of the Necromorphs also return, with those creepy childlike Pack things now featuring a set of legs or tentacles in place of their torso. They’re bigger too, but not as big as the game’s bosses, which appear to be reassuringly familiar. Discussed is a giant, spider-like creature with mutated sacs and glowing orange weak points, as well as a “skyscraper-sized” worm monster.

More interestingly, however, it’s also being said that Isaac will battle human opponents in the game. For the first time, he’ll go up against soldiers armed with grenades and guns. Once infected, the soldiers can become Necromorphs. Half-Life, anyone?

All of this will take place on a cold, icy planet; a rumour that supports previous suggestions of a Hoth-like setting for the game called Tau Volantis.

Expect a full reveal at E3.

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Dead Space 3 Gets Huge Info Leak
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